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Using Allergy Medications Wisely
How to Stick With Your Treatment Plan
Coping with Food Allergies
Is It a Milk Allergy or Intolerance?
Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze At
Nuts: Snack Causes Problems for Some Kids
When You Have an Eye Allergy

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If you suffer from allergies then you are likely aware of how debilitating they can be when the allergies begin to control your everyday life. Individuals across the U.S. and throughout the world suffer from allergies, many of which are commonly induced by weather conditions, diet, and similarly related matters. In general, allergies are caused by an oversensitive immune response to foreign substances called allergens. When this happens the body's immune system releases chemicals (often antihistamines) that are designed to fight the allergen, hence creating the symptoms of an allergy attack.

If you suffer from allergies of any sort – food, drug, dander, hay, dust, etc. – then you can be prescribed medications to subdue the discomfort of an allergy attack or even just general allergy symptoms. Using allergy medications wisely is very important, and you should not hesitate to rely on a St. Joseph Health physician to help you learn how to stick with your treatment plan. This will be the best way for you to cope with food allergies, know what to do when you have an eye allergy, and much more. At St. Joseph Health we can help you determine whether you have a milk allergy or an intolerance, among other things. Allergies, are nothing to sneeze at and when you take care of them you won't have to.

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