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Orthopedic Health
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Orthopedic Health

It is extremely important to maintain orthopedic health of your joints, bones, muscles, etc. Most people take their orthopedic health for granted, never thinking to appreciate the full mobility and lack of pain they experience on a daily basis; that is, until immobility or pain become a primary problem in their everyday functioning. Once you begin to experience common joint problems or you suffer from an injury to the knee, foot, shoulder, etc. you will then understand just how crippling these types of maladies can be. The best way to deal with these issues is by contacting St. Joseph Health as soon as possible after an injury of any nature has occurred. At Sonoma County St. Joseph Health an entire arthritis health care team can be put to work for you. From treatment of sports injuries to prevention of them, we are here to meet the orthopedic needs of all of our patients.

There are seven proven treatments for arthritis pain and we are here to teach you about these and help you utilize them as best as possible. You could be at risk at an amusement park, while playing in a sports game, or during any of a number of other things that could inadvertently affect your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and tissues. We are here to help you prevent this from happening, and we are also here to help those whose inability to prevent an injury has left them suffering unnecessarily. For more information, please feel free to read some of the articles we have provided on orthopedic health and related injuries. You can also call St. Joseph Health today.