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When Grandparents Raise Grandkids
Keeping Your Cool When Parenting Teens
Independence Day: Granting Freedom to Kids
Making the Most of Family Moments
Paying for Attention: Abuse of Prescription ADHD Drugs Rising on College Campuses
What You Can Do to Prevent Child Abuse

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As a parent, it is your primary goal to ensure that your children maintain a healthy, safe lifestyle. Unfortunately, there is no official guide on how to do this and, often, parents are left guessing if their decision was the right one; if their behaviors were satisfactory. Keeping your cool when parenting teens can be a particularly difficult issue, especially when considering the freedom that kids wish to be granted at this age. At Sonoma County St. Joseph Health we can teach you how to do this in a healthy, safe, effective way that will be beneficial to you and your children. Granting freedom to kids is a tricky business that could either be extremely beneficial or incredibly detrimental, depending on how it is executed. Therefore, having a professional guide you through the process is never a bad idea.

If you are interested in making the most of family moments then there are some very deliberate steps that can be taken to aid in the process. There are many things you can do prevent child abuse, as well as enhance a parent-child relationship that may already fall under the category of healthy living. By utilizing the information in the articles we have listed to the left, you can take your first steps towards improving your parenting skills and enhancing the relationship you currently share with your child.