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For Young Women, What's Your Stroke Risk?
Stroke Recovery Begins with Rehabilitation
Ministrokes Deserve Maximum Attention
Strokes and Heart Attacks: What's the Difference?
Act Fast! Strokes Treatable if Caught Early
Stroke Awareness for All Ages

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If strokes run in your family then you should know what you can do to best promote your health and avoid any unnecessary cerebral hemorrhaging, cerebral infarctions, cerebrovascular disease, etc. At St. Joseph Health we offer stroke awareness for all ages, paying maximum attention to ministrokes as well as full-blown strokes. A stroke can occur when the blood that flows to the brain is stopped for some reason, causing the brain to lack the essential blood and oxygen it needs to keep it going. This could cause permanent brain damage or even cause brain cells to die. Therefore, the sooner that stroke rehabilitation begins, the sooner recovery can begin as well. As such, it is important to act fast – strokes are treatable when caught early and the more proactive measures you take to treat your stroke symptoms, the better your chances at healthy living will be.

For young women wondering what their stroke risk is, we have information you can use to help you make this determination. We can also help you understand the difference between a stroke and heart attack, as well as answer any other questions you may have related to strokes and their treatment. You can also find more information in the articles provided to the left, which delve more deeply into issues concerning heart diseases of this nature.