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Preoperative Preparations

Once you have decided on surgery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, you and your surgeon will develop an extensive plan to prepare you for your surgery and help you make lifetime changes toward a healthy lifestyle. For your best success, we believe strongly that you make some of these lifestyle changes before your surgery.

In our program, you will attend pre-operative testing, lifestyle coaching, and activity counseling. You will also meet with a psychologist and undertake a formal dietetic evaluation. Attending a support group will also be part of your program. These initials steps are all designed to educate you on your weight loss path.

Additionally, patients who are smokers must quit smoking, for life, at least three months prior to surgery. Chewing tobacco juice may also contribute to the formation of ulcers, one of the risks of Gastric Bypass surgery. Therefore, patients must give up chewing tobacco beginning at least three months prior to surgery.

Recovery from Surgery/Follow-up

After your surgery, you will recover for a few hours in our recovery area. After one to two hours in the recovery area, you will be taken to your hospital room. In some cases, the surgical team may elect to keep you in the Intensive Care Unit for the first day or two after surgery.

For a Gastric Bypass, the average length of stay in the hospital is two to three days, including the day of surgery. For a Gastric Band, you will generally go home the next morning, or in some cases, that same night.

Prior to discharge, arrangements will be made for a follow-up visit. Any necessary supplies and pain prescriptions will be provided. Generally, there are no stitches or staples that require removal.

Most patients with sedentary jobs can return to work in about 10 to 14 days. Patients with jobs that require heavy lifting need to plan on about 3 weeks prior to resuming strenuous exertion.

After your surgery, you will need to be followed-up carefully with periodic blood work and clinical assessments. For the first year after surgery, you will be followed-up frequently by your surgeon. At these outpatient check-ups, your surgeon will review your progress, answer any questions and review any problems you may have, and discuss what level of activity you are ready for.

The initial outpatient follow-up visit with your surgeon will take place one to two weeks after discharge, and then again approximately six weeks later. Further follow-up will then be based on your progress.

If you move out of the Santa Rosa area, your surgeon will assist you with arrangements for follow-up with physicians at your new location.

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