Work Healthy



Thank you for helping to implement a culture of wellness at your organization and recognizing that healthy work-sites lead to a healthier community! St. Joseph Health can partner with your organization to help provide on-site wellness services or help you build and design a wellness program. We can help provide the following complimentary or low cost services:

  • Monthly health topic flyer’s with annual calendar
  • CDC science-based wellness program training
  • Health plan navigation
  • Open enrollment & health fair support
  • Group wellness presentations & health coaching
  • On-site screenings & flu shots
  • Wellness portal & activity challenges
  • Corporate gym discounts at Synergy Health Clubs
  • Special services & discounts for business offering Western Health Advantage

CDC Science Based Wellness Program Design

Work@Health is a program developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that provides employers access to professional-level training in work-site wellness. The training is comprehensive and science based, designed to give employers the necessary knowledge and resources to customize a plan for work-site wellness that will be sustainable and get results.

To schedule your complementary consultation, contact or call (707)525-5300 x 3189.

Program Information & Fees

The Work Healthy program offers many services to large and small group employers who offer insurance plans with access to St. Joseph Health Medical Network.

Monthly Health Topic Flyer’s with Annual Calendar

Inspire healthy living year-round with our monthly health topics. Each month our e-newsletter will deliver flyers featuring health and wellness tips, available in English & Spanish. Utilize the annual Health Topics Calendar to develop workplace wellness strategies.


CDC Science Based Wellness Program Training

Comprehensive science based training designed to give employers the necessary knowledge and resources to customize a plan for work-site wellness that will engage employees, get results and help you achieve or build upon a culture of wellness.


Health Plan Navigation

On-site support to help your employees maximize their health insurance plan benefits and navigate through the health care system.


Open Enrollment & Health Fair Support

We welcome the opportunity to participate or help you plan any upcoming health fair or open enrollment event your business may hold. We can provide services such as translation assistance (English & Spanish), health plan navigation, interactive educational displays and much more.


Group Wellness Presentations & Health Coaching

30-60 minute wellness presentations available on a variety of health topics including: heart health, eating for longevity, eating healthy on the go & stress management.

One-on-one, on-site health coaching sessions also available.

Cost may be associated

2 presentations offered per year or more as schedule allows

On-site Screenings & Flu Shots

Screenings available include: Blood Pressure, BMI, Body Fat%, Cholesterol, Glucose, A1c, Triglyceride, DermaScan & Hearing.

WHA members covered at no cost!

Cost associated. Contact us for pricing list

Wellness Portal & Activity Challenges

The Work Healthy Live Healthy portal offers a turnkey platform for web-based delivery of wellness challenges and health resources. The portal is FREE to join and offers many complimentary year-round resources including SNAP challenges, recipes, workout videos and educational articles that will help you start climbing towards a healthier lifestyle.

Cost may be associated for Group Challenges

Corporate Gym Discounts

Corporate fitness programs and discounts offered at Synergy Health Clubs in Petaluma and Napa.

Cost may be associated

Special Services & Discounts for

Special wellness services and discounted pricing for business offering Western Health Advantage Insurance. Services include complimentary screenings & flu shots for Western Health Advantage members.