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Thank you for helping to implement a culture of wellness at your organizations and recognizing that healthy work-sites lead to a healthier community! The links and resources below are designed to help you start, revamp or add to your existing wellness offerings.

Corporate Wellness Consulting

Let us help you design a sustainable wellness program. Our comprehensive and science based training is designed to give employers the necessary knowledge and resources to customize a plan for work-site wellness that will engage employees, get results and help you achieve a culture of wellness.

To schedule your complementary consultation, contact or call (707)525-5300 x 3189.

Wellness Program Toolkits and More

Monthly Health Topics 2018

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January Exercise you way into good health Haga ejercicio para tener buena salud
February Advice to take to heart Consejos a corazón abierto
March Your moods can affect how you eat Sus estados de animo pueden afectar su modo de comer
April The benefits of sleep Los beneficios de dormir
May Get the most out of your next doctor visit Aproveche al máximo su próxima cita con su médico
June Men, take a stand for your health Hombres, tomen la iniciativa a favor de su salud
July Burning facts about sunscreen Datos ardientes sobre los protectores solares
August A mindfulness boost to exercise Un estímulo de concientización sobre la importancia de hacer ejercicio