Walking School Buses

Let's create a healthier Sonoma County together.

Walking School Buses

iWALK School Buses help kids get exercise on the way to or from school. They also help reduce school traffic during pick-up and drop-off time. Any volunteer leader can organize a walking school bus in their neighborhood. Then pick a day of the week when you'll walk to school, picking up the neighborhood kids as you go. It's like a school bus on foot! How many will your school have?

Click here for the walking school bus starter kit.

Walking School Buses are popping up across Sonoma County. We hear it's great for the mind (fresh air), body (exercise) and spirit (it's a social thing!). Plus, the iWALK School Bus does wonders for traffic outside the school since more kids are walking to school! Congratulations to these schools where students and parent leaders are committed to biking or walking to school regularly:


  • Kawana Elementary
  • Meadowview Elementary
  • Roseland Accelerated Middle School
  • Roseland Elementary
  • Sheppard Elementary


  • Brook Haven Elementary
  • Parkside Elementary
  • Pine Crest Elementary
  • Sebastopol Independent Charter School

We'd like to hear about where other walking school buses are popping up around the county. The first 50 walking school buses to register with iWALK will receive an iWALK backpack and zipper pulls for the kids.

Safe Routes to School

Brisk walking and bicycling helps kids get needed physical activity and has been shown to improve school performance. The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program promotes walking and biking to school through education and encouragement activities. It also addresses safety concerns by coordinating with law enforcement and public works agencies, educating students and the community, and exploring ways to create safer routes to school.

Health Action believes that a healthy community is one where children can safely walk or ride their bike to school. In collaboration with Healthy By Design, Health Action formed a Countywide SRTS Workgroup to engage in comprehensive program planning and sustainable fund development for a countywide SRTS program.

If you would like to learn about current SRTS activities around the county or start a SRTS program at your school, please visit the Sonoma County Safe Routes to School website.