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Interpreter Services

If you desire interpreter services while in our care, please let us know. We provide interpreter services for a variety of languages at no cost to the patient.

Please advise your nurse about any interpreter services you need. If we do not have an interpreter in our facility that can assist, we provide interpreter services over the telephone for all languages.

Internet Access

Wireless internet access is available. Please ask for assistance.

Telephones/Cell Phones/TDD

Telephones are provided in each room. Local calls may be made from your room at any time by pressing 9, the area code, and the number you want to call. Long distance and toll calls can be made from your room at any time by pressing 9 and following the directions on your calling card.

Cell phones may be used in the hospital except in these critical areas: Emergency Department, ICU/Critical Care Unit, Surgery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

A telecommunications device (TDD) is available to help hearing-impaired patients or patients who want to communicate with a hearing-impaired relative or friend. Please contact your nurse.


Your mail will be delivered to your room while you are in the hospital. We make every effort to forward all mail received after discharge to your listed home address.


You may choose the foods you like from a menu based upon the diet your doctor has ordered. If none of the choices appeal to you, please ask your nurse or dietary aide for a list of alternative menu items.

Chapel & Spiritual Care

Our Spiritual Care Department is an integral part of the healthcare team, offering a holistic ministry for the spiritual, emotional and ethical concerns of our patients and their families. Our chaplains include Catholic priests and sisters, ministers of Protestant denominations and laypersons. Chaplains are available to support you during your time of illness or crisis, to counsel and pray with you and your family and to administer sacraments. Our chaplains would be happy to contact your personal minister or rabbi upon request. To contact Spiritual Care:

  • Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital: dial ext. 6105
  • Petaluma Valley Hospital: dial “0”
  • Queen of the Valley Medical Center, contact the nurse on duty
  • St. Joseph Hospital, Eureka, contact the nurse on duty
  • Redwood Memorial Hospital, contact the nurse on duty

Social Services

A licensed clinical social worker is available for assistance with conservatorship issues, adoptions, elder or child abuse concerns, grief counseling and special program referrals such as drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Transportation Services

Our staff will make every effort to assist you in setting up transportation if you require it. Your nurse has an understanding of your level of care and will advocate for optimal transport services at the lowest cost for each individual.

Financial Assistance Program

If you do not have health insurance and worry that you may be unable to pay your hospital bill, it is important to let us know. You may qualify for the Patient Financial Assistance Program. To learn more about our financial assistance program policy or find applications online in English and Spanish click here or call the numbers below:

  • Sonoma County: (707)525-5228
  • Napa County: (707)257-4054
  • Humboldt County: (707)269-4203

Financial Counselors

Financial counselors are available to discuss billing and insurance information with you. The financial counselor will review and verify your insurance benefits. In order for our financial counselors to provide you with the best possible service, please be sure to bring your current insurance cards with you at the time of your admission.

Our Business Office will be happy to make things easier for you by billing your insurance company. Your bill will automatically be sent to your insurance company if you have provided us with the necessary information. Monthly statements will be mailed to you to keep you apprised of the status of your account or to let you know what the balance is after your insurance company has paid. As the patient, you are the person ultimately responsible for payment of your hospital bill. You may also pay for any services with your MasterCard or Visa. You can use the card(s) at the time of discharge or when you receive a bill from the hospital.

Some insurance plans require pre-certification prior to admission. Please follow all requirements set forth in your insurance plan and make any arrangements deemed necessary by your insurance company. You will receive separate billings from the doctors involved in your care and treatment. This includes pathologists, who interpret laboratory test results; anesthesiologists, who administer the anesthesia; and your radiologist, who reads, interprets and forwards results of radiology, nuclear medicine and ultrasound tests to your doctor.

After discharge, if you need additional information concerning the finances of your stay, please contact our Business Office at (707)525-5228 in Santa Rosa, (707)778-7275 in Petaluma, (707)257-4095 in Napa, and (707)269-4203 in Eureka or Fortuna.